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Please call or email me to discuss your requirements

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Gates and Railings by Kevin Gerry Cornwall
Gates and Railings by Kevin Gerry Cornwall

How can I solve your problem?

We're skilled blacksmiths, fabricators and engineers whose wide range of expertise enables us solve your problem or turn your ideas into reality. If I am not able to help I can refer you to someone who can. We'll be happy to provide you with expert advice. You will get a quick decision on whether it is possible to do your job.


I work in partnership with other local blacksmiths, as we have different skillsets and workshop facilities we can combine our talents to increase the range and size of jobs that we can offer you, the customer.


Please contact me: I will be only too happy to help!


An example of constructing bespoke rose arches

The video shows me, Kevin Gerry (in the red boilersuit) and Richard Hingley from the Mawnan Smith forge, working on a joint project, bending the half arch section for the new rose arches at Gyllingdune Gardens, Falmouth. This was videoed at Longdowns Smithy as the Old Smithy at Mawnan is too small for this sort of work.

Richard constructed a special forge for this job so that a long section of bar could be heated up in one go.


Victorian style rose arches for the Gyllingdune Gardens, Falmouth The completed Rose Arches at the Gyllingdune Gardens, Falmouth

Picture gallery: how we work

This is how we create the specialist items that our customers appreciate.

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