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Longdowns Smithy

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TR10 9DS

Tel: 07843 594065

Please call or email me to discuss your requirements

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Gates and Railings by Kevin Gerry Cornwall
Gates and Railings by Kevin Gerry Cornwall

How do I place an order?

To place an order, simply send a cheque made payable to Kevin Gerry or a BACs transfer, for the amount of the deposit indicated on your quotation.

Is your quotation plus VAT?

No, I am not required to Charge VAT at the moment.

Do you keep a stock of gates?

No, there are too many combinations of size and design to keep a stock of ready made gates. Sometimes I have some refurbished gates for sale. I have a few samples and many pictures so that you can see the quality.


Why do your gates cost more than "the bloke down the road"?

My gates may cost more than those of some of my competitors for the following reasons.


They are made to a higher standard and represent excellent value for money. 

They are made just for you, to your requirements, to fit in a specific opening. 

They are not mass produced so there is no ecconomy of scale.

I am a bona fide business with insurance and overheads to pay, some gate makers may operate out of their garage as a hobby at weekends.

Do you shoe horses?

No, this is a job for a farrier.

Alternative answer- No, but I can scare away a donkey!  :-)

Do you do sheet metalwork?

No, I do not have the machinery to manufacture sheet metalwork. I only work with bar stock.


Do you do structural steelwork?


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